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Training with Paul Fraser is nothing short of amazing.  He has an ability to make even the most profound and unbelievable energy work become completely tangible and attainable, and he does it all with a humble, humorous attitude.

Paul’s years of experience paired with his curiosity and fierce determination to tackle seemingly ‘untackleable’ dis-eases adds extra excitement to his classes and gives us the realistic hope that we, too, can accomplish absolutely anything.  My practice would not be nearly as powerful without all I have gleaned in the time spent with Paul.  If you want to take your practice to the next level, taking courses with Paul is an absolute must.

Kristin Althea

I give Paul Fraser’s Medical Qigong class the absolutely highest recommendation possible.  It is a transformative experience, and I can honestly say it has changed me for the better—as a person, a student, and a health care practitioner.

In addition to the many healing techniques I’ve learned, I am more relaxed, more grounded, and more in tune with energy in general.  In this course, I have learned treatment strategies to literally reverse my father’s early stage Alzheimer’s.  In the last month, through a combination of acupuncture and qigong energy work, we have already stopped the progression of the disease and are in the process of reversing it.  He is quickly returning to the dad I have always known.

Paul is a wonderful teacher, and I feel like I’ve been handed the ‘keys to the kingdom’ in terms of healing.  You will NOT regret taking this course.  It is truly worth every cent (and then some)!

Sarah Babcock

After studying Medical Qi Gong with Paul Fraser, I feel I know myself better, not only as a healing professional, but also as a person.  The unique and creative content and teaching style helped to illuminate subjects that, taught by any other, may have been difficult to communicate, let alone teach to the extent others could understand, digest, and then integrate into their own practicing style.

Paul deepened my understanding of Chinese Medicine, of energy work, of the relationship between patient and practitioner, and of my own abilities.  What I learned with him will infuse my acupuncture and Chinese herbal practice, as well as stand alone as a modality in itself.  It is rare that results are not experienced by patients even the first time these techniques are employed.  I would recommend studying with Paul to anyone who has the opportunity.  His experience, insight and knowledge will definitely enrich your practice and your life.

Dafna Laurie