Learn Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is generally practiced by licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists, and herbalists.  However, studying these fields alone does not lead one to an understanding or ability to practice Medical Qi Gong.  The practice of Medical Qi Gong requires additional intensive study and training.

Many laypeople also practice Qi Gong, learning safe exercises, practices and techniques which may be applied for the benefit of friends and family.

An explanation of Pangu Mystical Qi Gong

Qi = Energy or Life Force

= To cultivate through practice

= the Creator of the Universe

Pangu Mystical Qi Gong = a Divinely Inspired method or exercise to cultivate the Divine Essence of the Universe in our own bodies for the purpose of achieving and maintaining good health, a calm and tranquil mind, happiness, joyfulness, and the feeling of being truly alive and aligned with the Divine.

Qi Gong is perhaps as old as Chinese culture itself. Throughout their complex history, the Chinese have used methods of Qi Gong as medicine, as methods of warfare, as a means to increase memory and intelligence, and as a way to reach transcendent, ecstatic states of being to commune with the Divine. And yet, the word “Qi Gong” is a generic term applied to all of these methods. Traditionally, if one were to embark on the path of Qi Gong, the first three to six months would be spent just building a charge of Life Force as a foundation, and this would only be as successful as the practitioner’s mental focus. What makes Pangu Mystical Qi Gong unique is that it’s foundation is transmitted to the practitioner from the teacher so that the ability is present instantly and progress begins at once. The focus required for this Qi Gong is maintained by the Divine throughout the form without interruption. The results are often miraculous. If you are interested in a strong and healthy body, a clear, alert and tranquil mind, and a spirit aligned with the Divine, then we invite you to join us in this unique experience!

Full Length Medical Qi Gong Course

Typically a six-weekend course, 3 days (~16hrs) per weekend.

Below is a brief outline of the Full Length Medical Qi Gong Course and the topics covered.  For more detailed information, please view the course syllabus.

The Foundation

  • The Tang Dynasty’s View of Human Evolution, Destiny and How this is Encoded in the Human Spine; The Brain and Nervous System in Qi Gong Practice and the Treatment of Emotional Disorders and Diseases of the Nervous System
  • Treatment Skills
  • Disease and the Spirit
  • Taoist Meditation, Mysticism, Microcosm and Macrocosm
  • The Integration

Please note at the completion of this Medical Qi Gong course, a student is not awarded a license to conduct Qi Gong healing sessions.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to determine his/her State’s requirement for conducting Qi Gong Healing Sessions.