Thrive This Winter: Qi Gong Deep Dive with Paul Fraser

Do you suffer from fatigue, lack of sleep, low back pain, inflamed joints, osteoporosis or decreased bone density? Do you have the winter blues, or lack the energy to meet the challenges of everyday life? This happens when our Qi, or vital energy, is depleted or out of balance.

The ancient art and practice of Qi Gong regulates the flow of this vital energy, cultivating power in the physical body, peace and tranquility in the mind, and love and kindness in the heart. Qi Gong can help us tune into the rhythm of the seasons, allowing us to find harmony within.

In Chinese medicine, Winter is associated with the Water element, where our deepest reserves and essence lie. This is the source of our potential and vitality, providing stability to the bones, fluidity to the joints, and the strength we need to not only survive the winter, but to thrive.

Take a Deep Dive into Qi Gong practices that harness the power of the Water element with renowned teacher, Paul Fraser. Tap into your true potential, increase your energy, improve the health of your bones and joints, and embrace the stillness and calm of Winter. In this weekend workshop, Paul will offer instruction in two kinds of Qi Gong practice:

Wai Gong – “cultivating or strengthening the exterior/structure.” For the Water element to be balanced, we must create a “container” to hold its vital energy. Wai Gong does this by strengthening our body’s structure, infusing Qi into the bones, joints and ligaments . As this happens, old imbalances are diffused, allowing us to heal from past injuries, reduce inflammation and reverse osteoporosis. We are able to cultivate and access the calm & stillness within us, overcoming fear and anxiety with greater ease. The two Wai Gong forms we will learn are The Eight Section Brocade and The External Yi Jin Jing.

Nei Gong – “internal cultivation.” Once the container for Water is established by fortifying our structure, Nei Gong practices fill it with vital energy. Nei Gong directs Qi into the organs of the Water element, the Bladder & Kidneys, where our life force is stored. These organs supply us with our “battery power,” infusing the bones and joints with Qi, and creating peace and clarity for the mind and spirit. The Nei Gong practice that we will learn is called Internal Iron Body.

Date and Time: Saturday & Sunday, Feb 9-10, 2019 

10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Studio Mange Mes Pieds 

10 Ave des Pins Ouest, Suite 214

Cost: $350 CAD, payable by e-transfer to:

For more information, please contact:

Kass Wener –  – 514.571.0337

Kevin Lennox –  – 514.443.2646

Sharonne Cohen – – 514.296.7978