Montreal Qi Gong & Tai Chi Workshop

With Paul Fraser

October 25-27

Qi Gong and Tai Chi for Self-Care and Healing

Would you like to:

  • Feel strong, vital and energized?
  • Alleviate physical and emotional blockages?
  • Have a calm, clear, focused mind?
  • Learn simple tools to promote healing in others?

In this special weekend retreat with Paul Fraser, we will begin to experience this by delving into the ancient Chinese practices of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. We will learn simple daily routines that promote our own well-being, as well as techniques intended to enhance the health of others.

As complete systems of energy medicine and self-healing, Qi Gong and Tai Chi help us regulate the flow of vital energy, or Qi, that permeates the entire universe, animating each one of us. Regular practice over time, or Gong, cultivates strength & vitality in the physical body, peace & tranquility in the mind, and love & kindness in the heart.

In many ancient cultures, laypeople were trained to help others with basic physical and emotional challenges. They were able to affect change in those around them by directing their Yi (intent) and universal Qi to promote balance and alleviate suffering. These tools were just as easily accessible as reaching for an Aspirin or a muscle relaxant is today.

Imagine how empowered you might feel if you had the tools not only to enhance your own health, but to assist a sick child, an ailing parent, or even a stranger!

Our local Montreal Qi Gong community has been learning with Paul for over ten years. Join us in bringing these daily practices into your life, as we strengthen our ability to take care of ourselves and each other, and become vehicles for positive change in the world.

Date and Time: October 25 – 27, 2019

Friday,     October 25:  7 – 9 pm
Saturday, October 26: 12 – 5 pm
Sunday,   October 27: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Studio Mange Mes Pieds

Cost: $350 CAD, payable by e-transfer to:

We invite you to join us for the entire workshop so that you may experience the benefits of repeated practice throughout the weekend. You will come away with powerful daily practices for self-care and an easily accessible toolkit to help others.

Registration Deadline: September 29, 2019

For more information, please contact:
Kass Wener – 514.571.0337 –
Sharonne Cohen – 514.296.7978 –

This upcoming workshop will include two main pillars:

1. Qi gong & Tai Chi for Self-Healing

Pangu Shengong Moving Form
 – This simple, highly effective 15-20 minute practice improves health, well-being and vitality. With its fundamental philosophy and practice rooted in kindness and benevolence, it is designed to absorb the beneficial energy of the sun and moon and the essential Qi of the universe, regulating and enhancing one’s Life Force and immunity. Thousands of people have used this method to recover from serious health conditions, and continue to have lives filled with vitality and good health. Anyone of any age or ability may practice this method of Energy Cultivation.

Internal Ba Duan Jin – An internal version of the famous Eight-Section Brocades, taken from Wu Style Tai Chi. The form features stationary postures and soft, continuous movements that benefit the tendons and joints. It releases negative energy so that we can develop a steady foundation, making us more capable of transmitting healing energy.

Pangu Tai Chi (condensed, seated version) – A two-minute, easy-to-learn practice that relaxes the nervous system and releases stress and tension, replacing it with healthy Qi.

2. Fa Gong Healing Skills to help others achieve balance, overcome blockages, increase energy and vitality

Pangu Shengong Healing Skills – Paul will teach basic methods of emitting Qi to help heal others by removing harmful energy and replacing it with healthy Qi. In many other Qi Gong styles, practitioners are required to practice for years before being able to help others. With Pangu Shengong, you may use these healing skills right away; the only prerequisite is to have learned the Moving Form. The results are powerful and effective.

Needles from the Sky
This technique focuses Qi into the shape of an acupuncture needle, guiding it through different points in the body to balance conditions, as needed.