Cultivating the Personal Tao

The 8 primary Tai Chi Postures

with Paul Fraser

Montréal February 24-25, 2017

Each of us takes on many roles as we walk through life.  We assimilate beliefs, values, preferences and aversions imposed on us by our society, peers, families and education. This framework shapes our perceptions and abilities, and creates the identity each of us calls “me”. Many physical and mental illnesses are the result of the friction between these imposed roles and the personal path or Tao that is trying to emerge from within us.  Chinese philosophy and the practice of Tai Qi and Qi Gong are methods to help us break free from these limitations and allow our true selves to come forth.

Through practice and lecture, Paul will demonstrate how to break free from what may be limiting us internally and externally in order to discover, strengthen, and refine our own innate abilities and talents.

Firstly, we will learn The 8 Primary Postures of Tai Chi as a method of physical and mental reconditioning. Physically, Tai Chi is concerned with strengthening the centre of gravity, located in the lower abdomen, which functions as the battery powering our lives.  When the energy is stored properly in the abdomen, we are able to thrive emotionally and physically.   

Each Tai Chi posture is a symbolic act that is designed to free us from energies that hold us back from our own development. By training ourselves to move more fluidly through space, our challenges become achievements, weaknesses become strengths, and conflict opens the door to growth and harmony.

Finally, we will offer instruction in a simple and powerful Qi Gong form, known as  Pangu Shengong.  Designed to draw the beneficial energies of the Universe into our bodies, this practice enhances the quality and quantity of our energy, regardless of our current limitations. It has helped thousands of people achieve good health and happiness under conditions where this was not considered possible.  This form is extremely powerful by itself and may also be used to infuse any existing practices with increased vitality and depth.

No previous experience is necessary to attend this class.  All ages and abilities are welcome.


Date and Time:
Saturday and Sunday, February 24-25
10:00am – 6:00pm

Nomad Live
129 Van Horne, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2J2

Cost: $350 CAD

Early-bird discount of $25 if paid in full by January 15, 2017

**Students taking the class for a second time may attend for half-price (early-bird rate does not apply)**

Full payment and confirmation of your attendance is required by February 1, 2017

For more information, please contact:

Kass Wener  514.571.0337

Kevin Lennox  514.443.2646